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Nobody in their right mind wants to create glare. Nonetheless, newspapers are filled with accounts of street lighting systems gone awry, annoying pedestrians, drivers and residents. Illumination systems using LED sources have become a popular punching bag. The “bluish” color appearance of some LEDs and the potential for LEDs to be configured in high-luminance arrays have both been cited as culprits, but most of the complaints about LEDs are distinctly qualitative in nature or, at best, use correlated color temperature (CCT) to sort good from bad LED lighting.

In this presentation, several scientifically-valid metrics to assess glare will be shared, providing specifiers and their customers with the ability to select among LED and other light source technologies before being inundated with complaints about glare. Attendees will meet the following learning objectives and be able to:

  1. Identify the physiological and psychological factors underlying discomfort and disability glare.
  2. Compare street and area lighting sources in terms of their potential to create glare to outdoor users.
  3. Describe how spectral power distribution interacts with the spatial luminance distribution of an outdoor luminaire to affect glare.
  4. Analyze the performance of outdoor lighting systems so that useful predictions regarding glare performance can be made.

This event is worth 1 CEU credit.

Presenter Bio:  Leora Radetsky

Leora Radetsky is a research scientist at the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, with expertise in outdoor lighting, lighting software, product testing, lighting controls, daylighting, and circadian rhythms. Her current research activities include product performance testing and evaluations, roadway lighting demonstrations, and horticultural lighting for pathogen and pest control.

Ms. Radetsky is a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society, and is active on the roadway lighting committee and several subcommittees. She was awarded an IES Regional Technical Award in 2014 for her significant scientific contributions to the field of illumination. Ms. Radetsky has a B.S. in Architectural Engineering with an Emphasis in Illumination from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and an M.S. in Lighting from RPI.

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Wednesday,  October 17th, 2018

Meeting Time

Gather for Warm Hor d’oeuvres at 5:30 pm
6:15 PM Presentation

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659 Van Meter Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202