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4PM CEU Class + 5:30 PM Social Event

Continuing Education Seminar

Biologically Focused Lighting – The Science and Application of Circadian Lighting 

Architectural lighting is no longer just for the visual system. With growing emphasis on healthy built environments, circadian lighting is a popular topic that many designers and end-users are being asked to explore.

Within the eye we each have non-visual photoreceptors which assist in regulating our circadian rhythms. Modern architectural lighting has been designed and calibrated to meet the needs of our visual system, however it provides insufficient stimulus for the human circadian system and does not allow our bodies to properly reinforce our natural biological signals.

The lack of proper circadian stimulus and the desynchronization of our activity with the solar day has been shown to lead to a state of Social Jet-lag which has been tied to many disfunctions, such as disrupted sleep cycles.

This seminar explores the science behind the circadian system and outlines how to integrate essential spectral content in architetural lighting that helps entrain and reinforce healthy circadian rhythms.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the basic science of circadian rhythms and its interaction with light.
  2. Describe the design considerations needed for implementing circadian lighting.
  3. Understand how color tuning addresses circadian lighting needs.
  4. Understand how light spectrum addresses circadian lighting needs.
Presenter Bio:  Ken Esterly, IESNA – VP Sales

Ken has over 18 years of expertise in LED lighting. His extensive knowledge of lighting technology and application provide a unique perspective on the development and integration of quality lighting technology for today’s rapidly advancing design environment.

Who Should Attend:

Architects, Interior Designers, Lighting Designers, Engineers, Design-Build Contractors, End-Users, Owners Representatives, Facilities Managers, Operations Managers.

Social Event
  • Entrance fee gets each person 2 drink tickets
  • First 50 who register get an IES event swag bag
  • Table top showing from each local rep agency
  • Drawings every 20 minutes for door prize; bring your business cards
  • Grand prize
  • Light snacks are provided
  • March First offers their finest beer, ciders and mixed drinks
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Meeting Costs

Member (class and social event)            $25
Non-Member (class and social event)   $30
Member (social event only)                      $15
Non-Member (social event only)            $20

Meeting Date

Thursday,  November 8th, 2018

Meeting Time

4:00 PM CEU Class
5:30 PM Social Event

Meeting Location

March First Brewery
7885 East Kemper Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45249

Additional parking is located across the street